UNDERLINE Gallery is a visual arts gallery that underscores important, innovative works by some of today’s most talented artists. The Gallery’s unique perspective–often marked by color, dimension, humor, and spirit–reflects an intimate and non-exclusive environment that facilitates art appreciation. A variety of price points and a range of small and large-scale works bring together a community of artists, curators, art lovers, and collectors.

Underline creates compelling and memorable experiences for visitors through a lineup of curatorial themes that are both provocative and contemporary. The artwork juxtaposes classic concepts and innovative techniques, just as the gallery similarly intends to revolutionize traditional standards of art exhibition. The venue extends in scope to platform and forum, offering a sense of community, showroom and conversation.

In addition to the main gallery, Underline’s shop offers affordable pieces by its rotating roster of artists, such as hand-crafted objects, limited-edition prints, and one-of-a-kind artist books, for a variety of art lovers. Read an interview about the Gallery here.


Located at the juncture of NYC’s Chelsea, West Village and Meatpacking neighborhoods, the gallery is an accessible colorful refuge tucked below ground level on 14th Street. The intimate space includes the main gallery and a small shop + library with smaller, limited-edition items for sale, alongside resources for exhibitions and other artistic interests.


Patrick Sullivan, Gallery Owner

Patrick Sullivan, born in Ireland and raised in New York, founded UNDERLINE Gallery (formerly P.J.S. Exhibitions) in May of 2010. Influenced by his family’s own art collection and intrigued by the vibrancy of urban life, his interest in art evolved into passion, and he soon became a fixture in the world of art dealing. Sullivan graduated from Christie’s Certificate Program in Modern Art, Connoisseurship and the History of the Art Market, and is dedicated to creating phenomenal art experiences in the gallery and beyond.

Casey Burry, Gallery Director

Burry, a native New Yorker, studied art history in Florence, Italy, and lived in Latin America for many years as a Cultural Attaché. After launching a fashion business in 2005, she worked in programming, curating and marketing at art galleries and institutions around the U.S.