To Curate Norwood Arts Club

UNDERLINE Gallery (238 W. 14th St.) is proud to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious curatorial post for the Norwood Arts Club first floor space. The exhibition, which will span the two lounge rooms, surrounding hallways, and outdoor garden, will open on September 12, 2012 and run through August 31, 2013.

Through a variety of provocative works by a strong group of the Gallery’s rising and well-known artists, the group show seeks to creatively reimagine the relationship between man and nature, transporting the viewer into the ethereal realm of introspection through a series of dreamlike images.

By means of this exciting collaboration, Underline and Norwood hope to bridge the arts communities of both establishments across West 14th street, promoting future projects and lasting relationships between the constituents of the neighboring institutions.

“Norwood is very excited to be working with Underline Gallery,” says proprietor Alan Linn. “It has always been our intent to use ‘The Lounge’ as an area to visually showcase what the club is about: the ingénue meet the establishment.” He continues, “Underline Gallery has worked hard to put together a unique mixture of artists to show the diversity of the club. I hope you will love or hate the works we have chosen for the next year but most of all appreciate the thought that went behind them all to make you think. Curiosity is the key word for all our members.”

Patrick Sullivan, owner of Underline Gallery adds: “The opportunity to curate in a beautiful setting like Norwood is extraordinary. Our close proximity, similar aesthetic, and commitment to promoting community make this partnership especially viable. We are both entrepreneurs who have staked 14th street as our home for spreading and supporting the vibrant art and culture of New York.”

From internationally recognized neo-Expressionist painter Ouattara Watts to rising public art star Mark Reigelman, the exhibition showcases a diverse variety of Underline Gallery’s creative talent. The collection unfolds throughout the townhouse, creating a narrative that weaves between considerations of selfhood, spatiality, and society. Beginning with captivating portraits of alternate worlds, the works of the real is united with the fantastic. By offering a substitute for reality, the paintings, sculptures, photomontages, and photographs encourage reflection upon the city, the meaning of place, and the impact of environment on the individual. The visitor navigates through impressive large-scale works by photographer Elizabeth Weinberg, emerging painter Amy Casey, and the up-and-coming collage artist and photographer Caroll Taveras that reimagine cosmopolitan identity and assert creative expression.

The renowned large-format photographer Andrew Moore, whose work dwells upon urban decadence and decay, is included in the second room, along with the effusive gestural abstraction of Annie Ewaskio, the dynamic multimedia sculpture of Cat Chow, the pop-inspired objects of sculptor, painter, and installation artist Libby Black, and other truly inspiring pieces. The exhibition continues into the outdoor garden area, with the glittering minimalist canvases of New York-based painter Ellie Pyle near in the entryway and the sculptural installation Bluebirds by award-winning public artist Mark Reigelman throughout the patio.

In addition to the permanent installation of the main space, the exhibition will feature a rotating display on the hallway wall that will include a group show of small works and a portrait studio project by Caroll Taveras.

Above image: Amy Casey “Hitch”

Located at the juncture of NYC’s Chelsea, West Village and Meatpacking neighborhoods, UNDERLINE Gallery is an accessible, colorful refuge tucked below ground level on 14th Street. The intimate space includes the main gallery and a small shop, with one-of-a-kind and artist multiples for sale, alongside resources for rotating exhibitions and other artistic interests.

Contact: Casey Burry: 646.346.3335 / casey@underlinegallery.com